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Emerald Corporate Services

Launching 24th April 2024

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What We’re All About

Emerald Corporate Services stands as a beacon of excellence, grounded firmly on the trio of Quality, Cost, and Efficiency.

With an expansive suite of services spanning Payroll, HR support, Office Supplies, Corporate Wear, Print & Design, Managed Print, Corporate Branding, Outsourced IT, Training, and Recruitment to name but a few. We offer a seamless integration of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses.


Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance of our services, ensuring meticulous and reliable execution.

The pursuit of cost-effectiveness is at the core of our approach, with innovative measures such as the budget-friendly Managed Print option and cost efficient POS & Credit Card terminals.

Efficiency remains our guiding principle, with forward-thinking offerings like E-Commerce Systems, EHS & H&S Audits, Swift delivery addressing contemporary business challenges.

As an all-encompassing partner, Emerald Corporate Services emerges as the go-to solution for organisations seeking not only comprehensive and high-quality services but also those that are financially prudent and operationally efficient.

“Emerald Corporate Services: Where Excellence Meets Efficiency” - Seán Thompson - Director

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Extended Opening Hours 

Truly Top-Notch

We understand your day can be busy running your business

but with our Opening Hours it can make it that bit easier

9am to 8pm Monday to Friday

10am to 4pm Saturday 

12pm to 4 pm Sunday

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