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What We’re All About

Emerald Corporate Services stands as a beacon of excellence, grounded firmly on the trio of Quality, Cost, and Efficiency.

With an expansive suite of services spanning Payroll, HR support, Office Supplies, Corporate Wear, Print & Design, Managed Print, Corporate Branding, Outsourced IT, Training, and Recruitment to name but a few. We offer a seamless integration of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses.


Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance of our services, ensuring meticulous and reliable execution.

The pursuit of cost-effectiveness is at the core of our approach, with innovative measures such as the budget-friendly Managed Print option and cost efficient POS & Credit Card terminals.

Efficiency remains our guiding principle, with forward-thinking offerings like E-Commerce Systems, EHS & H&S Audits, Swift delivery addressing contemporary business challenges.

As an all-encompassing partner, Emerald Corporate Services emerges as the go-to solution for organisations seeking not only comprehensive and high-quality services but also those that are financially prudent and operationally efficient.

“Emerald Corporate Services: Where Excellence Meets Efficiency” - Seán Thompson - Director

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